Understanding DCM-MotionTechnology

Sensor-less DCM-MotionTechnology relies on the ‘build-in’ encoder signals generated by any rotating, brush commutated electric DC motor (BDC motor).

It is well known that when a BDC motor rotates voltage transients are induced on the power supply wires to the motor. These transients are generated by the rotating motor whether it is powered or not. They have traditionally been considered unwanted noise signals and as such are often suppressed by using appropriate filters in many motor applications.

IDEAdvance Ltd, the company behind DCM-MotionTechnology, has discovered that these transients are in fact very useful signals.

Using our patented transient detection method and circuit connected to the motor supply wires it is possible to precisely count the number of commutations of the rotating motor. In a number of typical electric motor applications it is now possible to eliminate more expensive rotation counting detectors such as photo detectors or displacement sensors such as Hall effect sensors and precisely control the motion of the motor, resembling that of a stepper motor but at a much lower cost.

DCM-MotionTechnology can extract detailed information about these transients, i.e. the exact time they occur during a commutation, the transient pattern and even detect variations in the pattern for each commutation and over time. Based on this detailed information DCM-MotionTechnology can be used for advanced applications such as electric motor monitoring, validation, dynamic speed control, direction control, torque control, squeeze control and synchronised control of two or more motors.

Further it is now possible to precisely control the power distribution to the motor, whether the motor is DC or PWM controlled, during each commutation thereby reducing the wear and tear on motor parts and reducing the power consumption in BDC motor applications.

As a result DCM-MotionTechnology can extend the life time and provide significant energy savings for electric motors.



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