System – Detection and Control


The patented DCM-MotionTechnology spike detection system is a specially designed circuit in which the voltage transients (spikes) detected on the power supply wires to the motor are isolated, separated and sorted into a double discrete real-time output.

The output from the spike detector is then processed in a special DCM-Controller circuit and software which is used to control the power to the motor. In other words it is possible to implement precise coordination between the commutations and the motor control from inside the motor controller.

The technology has proven efficient and reliable with more than 20 meters of power supply wires between the motor and the points of detection. Hence it is now possible to remotely detect the motor commutations and thereby controlling the rotation per commutation and the position of the motor without the need for additional sensors, long sensor wires, sensor power wires or any other components attached to the motor or the application.


The detailed information about the transients as picked up by the spike detector can be used to control the power to the motor during each commutation cycle and to monitor the behaviour of the motor per commutation and over time thereby providing valuable information about the condition of the motor.

Consequently, sensor-less DCM-MotionTechnology can offer substantial performance benefits as well as cost and energy savings in a number of electric motor applications.


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