How to exploit DCM-MotionTechnology?

IDEAdvance Ltd works together with world-class companies with technological ambitions and a commitment to continuous cost optimization.

We understand that it is important for your organisation to first understand how your products can benefit from sensor-less DCM-MotionTechnology.

Using a step-by-step colaboration model, the allocation of resources from both parties is optimised.

Step 1: Initial evaluation

You want to find out if your BDC motor application can benefit from sensor-less DCM-MotionTechnology.

We offer you to test one or more of your motors in our laboratories. We communicate our findings in a Test Report which documents if and how DCM-MotionTechnology can benefit your application. If we do not see any benefits, we will tell you. We do this for free.

Step 2: Further evaluation

You see a potential benefit of our sensor-less technology and want to pursue it further.

We then sign a time-limited option agreement with you.

During this period, we will work with your organisation to verify DCM-MotionTechnology in your applications and systems. There may be issues of  technical and commercial character which need to be clarified.

If you need prototypes, we can make them for you. If you want us to do more testing in our labs, we can do that as well.

Step 3: Implementation

You have decided to embed DCM-MotionTechnology in your products.

You want to do it all by yourself? Fine with us. We offer a  technology license agreement. If required our engineering department can offer full support to your organisation during this phase.

You want to buy a turnkey solution? Good idea. We can either provide you with customized solutions – or we can connect you to one of our cooperation partners.

Not sure what would be the optimal model for cooperation? We are certain we can offer a partnership model that fits you. Please contact us:

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