Integrate DCM-MotionTechnology in your applications

The list of potential applications for sensor-less DCM-MotionTechnology is endless.

Just think about applications where electric motors and actuators are used to control motion. Whether we are at work, at home, in the car or in the air we are surrounded by electric motors and most of them need to be controlled.

Then think about how many meters of thin wires are today used to detect the motion or position in these applications in order to send the information back to the motor controller. As an example a modern luxury car can have 100’s of small electric motors and actuators and at least as many sensors to control anything from beamed headlight levelling to powers seats to control-by-wire systems.

In many of these applications DCM-MotionTechnology can replace expensive sensors. Now the motion can simply be detected on the power supply wires to the motor, i.e. where the motor is controlled rather than in the remote and sometimes harsh environments where the motor is operating. This is not only cheaper, but in many cases a much improved reliability of the application can be obtained.

In other applications the motion of the motor can now be controlled in a simpler way and with greater accuracy, e.g. the speed can be kept constant under varied load conditions or the torque can be kept either constant or controlled to prevent damage to people and equipment.

In many cases sensor-less DCM-MotionTechnology can be integrated in your existing motor controller. If DCM-MotionTechnology is used to replace an array of external sensors it may even be possible to reduce the cost of your existing controller as fewer I/O’s are required.