The IDEA Group

The IDEA Group was founded in 1994 as a team of designers and inventors who are dedicated to the creation of innovative product solutions. Our goal is to provide simple and transparent concepts, cost engineering through innovation, materials and processes.

At the same year as the foundation of The IDEA Group the first international license agreement was established and it is still active.

Since then, more than 60 international Patents in nine different ‘families’ have been registered:

1992 Assembly knot system for tubed frameworks.
1995 Telescopic leg system for desks.
2001 Hydroformed SyncroSpindle for linear actuators.
2001 MultiCone-Joint for advanced frameworks. Animation
2004 DC-power supply for actuators.
2005 3-D control system for synchronous office chairs.
2006 Controlling method for brushed DC motors (DCM-MotionTechnology).
2007 Ergonomic concept and control for task chairs. Animation
2008 Detector and monitoring method for brushed DC motors. (DCM-MotionTechnology)

The IDEAdvance Team


Jan B Nottelmann

Mikkel Willadsen
Chief Engineer, Inventor

Board of Directors

Torben Jacobsen (Chairman)
Jes Herbert
Jan B Nottelmann