Electronic encoding for brushed DC motors

Decoding the electronic noise to valuable signals offers a whole new way of
monitoring and controlling DC motors with commutators. 


A wide range of possibilities

integrated solutions for industries within automotive,
aerospace, electrical appliances and power tools.


Widen and extend your motors future life

Control and Monitor brushed DC motors based on a precise and
revolving detection of specific physical points during each commutation.

Sensor-less DCM-MotionTechnology

Sensor-less DCM-MotionTechnology relies on the ‘build-in’ encoder signals generated by any rotating, brush commutated  electric DC motor (BDC motor) to detect and count motor motion.
It is well known that when a BDC motor rotates voltage transients are induced on the power supply wires to the motor.

These transients are generated by the rotating motor whether it is powered or not. They have traditionally been considered unwanted noise signals and as such are often suppressed by using appropriate filters in many motor applications.